3GPP Mobile relay study item

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Below is an extract from the last status report of the study item (RP-140726), presented at RAN plenary meeting #64 (September 2014):


TSG meeting # TSG Tdoc number of status report TSG Tdoc of WI/SI description sheet as approved by TSG (if any) overall level of completion as decided by TSG for the
SI /
Core part /
Testing part
completion date
as decided by TSG for the
SI /
Core part /
Testing part
53 WI/SI started RP-111377 0% March 2012
54 RP-111555   25% June 2012
55 RP-120166   35% September 2012
56 RP-120590   60% September 2012
57 RP-121087 RP-121443 80% June 2013
58 RP-121649 RP-122010 80% June 2013
59 RP-130133   80% June 2013
60 RP-130584   80% September 2013
61 RP-131380 RP-131375 80% December 2013
62 RP-131615   80% June 2014
63 RP-140193   80% September 2014


As can be seen in RP-111377 the study item was approved in September 2011. The working group with the primary responsibility was RAN3, the secondary one was RAN1 for the study of the impacts on the physical layer.

In RAN#57 (September 2012), RAN3 concluded its study for the architecture aspect. As the result, the overall completion level was estimated at 80% (100% completion for RAN3, 0% for RAN1).

This overall completion level remained stable from September 2012 to September 2014 where it was decided to close the work item.

Due to the work load in RAN1, RAN plenary meeting postponed several times the work on this study item (see for example RP-130133 section 1.2.2 : “This SI will not be treated in RAN1 in 2013 Q1, as decided by RAN#58.”). Similar statements can be found in next status reports until it was decided to close the study item.

This is reflected in the conclusion of the Technical Report associated with this study item: TR 36.836:


RAN3 selected Alt.1 and Alt.2 for further work on mobile relays.

The physical layer aspects related to mobile relay have not been studied in the Study Item.

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