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SAN project timeslot has matched with the interest of TCCA CCBG (TETRA Critical Communication Association – Critical Communication Broadband Group) on ad hoc networks and D2D communications. The work on ProSe (Proximity Services) has started as a study item in SA1 where Airbus DS, SAN’s coordinator had representatives conscious of the stakes of this technology especially for the next PPDR communication systems.

In September 2011, TETRA Association sent a Liaison Statement (LS in document SP-110607) so that 3GPP starts working on features currently missing for Public Safety users and especially “Direct Mode” communication between devices.


In September 2012, on the momentum of partners involved in SAN and Airbus DS ahead, TCCA CCBG sent an LS (SP-12047) to SA1 with a list of user requirements related to public safety features (D2D or Direct Mode being one of them)


End of 2013, TCCA joined 3GPP for critical work, with CCBG being the point-of-contact. TCCA was approved as a Market Representation Partner of 3GPP.

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