SAN final demonstrator : SAN WWAN backbone

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SAN WWAN backbone is constituted by meshed ad hoc SAN WAN nodes. This is the core of SAN system:

  • The SAN WAN nodes are using a protocol derived from LTE and customized in order to communicate between each other. They form a robust and mobile ad hoc network with ranges that can reach 10km.
  • Each SAN WAN node can be endowed with the capacity to connect to the PMR WWAN. So, SAN’s system can work autonomously in case of crisis disaster when all the infrastructure has collapsed or is able to connect to a fixed infrastructure if the requirement is to extend the coverage of a PMR fixed infrastructure.
  • Each SAN WAN node is the centre of a SAN WLAN backbone.

You can report to Annex A to have more details about the demonstration that will be shown on this sub-part of the demonstrator during CELTIC final review.

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