SAN final demonstrator : PMR WAN

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This is a fixed infrastructure: a Professional mobile radio communication system endowed with broad band capabilities to meet PMR users’ requirements. SAN’s system is able to be deployed autonomously but in case a PMR fixed base station is reachable, SAN’s … Lire la suite­­


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INTERCONNECTIVTY EVOLUTION The number of WLAN-LTE UE associated to one SAN relay Node must be increased to improve the number of interconnection a SAN relay Node may have with adjacent systems. The maximum number of such devices is 3 in … Lire la suite­­


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One unique APN is offered to the UE. When MME registered, a QCI 6 (non GBR) default bearer is setup for the UE. The IP connectivity to local servers is then possible. The initiative to open additional bearers (dedicated) is … Lire la suite­­

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