Created in 2004 by its current CEO, Montimage is a French SME specialized in software/hardware development and research in the domain of services and telecommunication networks. Montimage relies on innovation to deliver competitive tools and know-how that provide end-to-end monitoring solutions integrating functional, security and QoS analysis of network communications. For this, the company has developed an integrated modular set of tools that makes it possible to perform traffic inspection based on formal models used to specify the expected behaviour or attacks. This tool set is called MMT (Montimage Monitoring Tool). It includes: the data extraction module, the functional and security analysis module; the traffic analysis module; and, the reporting and alert module. It allows obtaining real-time visibility of traffic statistics, KPI, delivered QoS, and detection of vulnerabilities, security properties and attacks. Its modular plug-in architecture makes it possible to easily adapt to different needs and integrate to different applications and environments.