SAN final demonstrator : PMR WAN

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This is a fixed infrastructure: a Professional mobile radio communication system endowed with broad band capabilities to meet PMR users’ requirements. SAN’s system is able to be deployed autonomously but in case a PMR fixed base station is reachable, SAN’s … Lire la suite­­

CELTIC SAN Final Review

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CELTIC SAN Final Review (FR) will be held in Airbus DS premises in Elancourt on January 14th 2016. The results of SAN will be presented in front of CELTIC Office and reviewers. All the public authorities funding SAN are welcome to attend … Lire la suite­­


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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has been another target of SAN consortium. Two articles relative to D2D have been published:   “An Energy Efficient D2D LTE structure for PMR based on FlashLinQ”, by Xavier Pons (Airbus DS), Christophe … Lire la suite­­

contributions to 3GPP

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R1-133518 Principles of broadcast D2D communication for public safety This contribution suggests some general principles to be used for D2D broadcast communications such as modulation, re-use of existing LTE channels and synchronization.   R1-134543 Synchronization principles for broadcast D2D communication … Lire la suite­­

3GPP Mobile relay study item

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Below is an extract from the last status report of the study item (RP-140726), presented at RAN plenary meeting #64 (September 2014):   TSG meeting # TSG Tdoc number of status report TSG Tdoc of WI/SI description sheet as approved … Lire la suite­­


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SAN project timeslot has matched with the interest of TCCA CCBG (TETRA Critical Communication Association – Critical Communication Broadband Group) on ad hoc networks and D2D communications. The work on ProSe (Proximity Services) has started as a study item in … Lire la suite­­

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