LTE direct communications

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Direct communication between devices in out-of-network coverage was listed as one of the key requirement for public safety users that was not in the scope of the 3GPP work plan. As a consequence, 3GPP approved in September 2011 a first … Lire la suite­­


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Up to now, there are two separate technology families for commercial cellular network (based on standards such as GSM, UMTS-3G, IS-95 …) and dedicated public safety systems (based on standards such as TETRA, TETRAPOL, P25 …). The National Public Safety … Lire la suite­­

SAN standardisation

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During the SAN project many topics partially addressed by current standardisation bodies (3GPP, IEEE) have been investigated. As the main technology selected under the SAN project is LTE, the most important innovation produced during the project was relative to that … Lire la suite­­

MMT Probe Overview

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MMT (Montimage Monitoring Tool) ‎[27] is an event based monitoring solution that combines: data capture; filtering and storage; events extraction and statistics collection; and, traffic analysis and reporting. It provides network, application, flow and user level visibility. Through its real-time … Lire la suite­­

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