The work plan of the project is divided into 8 Work Packages (WPs)

Work Package 0 : Project Management

Which contains all the tasks related to the management of the project and to all the project-level issues.

Work Package 1 : System level Architecture and Methodology

This WP will focus on determination of system requirements, definition of use cases/business models and specification of main building blocks of LTE-based ad-hoc and Relay/Mesh system. This WP will identify and consolidate system requirements along with the use cases relevant to the SAN system.

Work Package 2 : PHY Layer Techniques

The scope of this work package encompasses the functions that are directly related to the PHY layer of LTE. It aims at development and performance evaluation of PHY layer techniques for the different SAN devices (mesh nodes, fixed and mobile relay devices, base stations etc).

Work Package 3 : MAC layer and Mobile Relay Techniques

WP3 will develop L2/L3 and 3GPP LTE Advanced Mobile Relay Networking mechanisms for enabling realization of the SAN concept, namely developing of cost-effective and rapid-deployable mobile relay systems based on the LTE standard.

Work Package 4 : Networking and Secure Application

WP 4 will focus on the upper layers (layer 3->) dynamic ad hoc networking techniques including related security challenges and applications.

Work Package 5 : Implementation and Prototyping

The main objective WP5 will be to exhibit technological feasibility and assess possible benefits of the SAN concept realization in different scenarios. In this context the primary purpose of this WP will be to develop prototypes of different SAN devices based on the LTE technology.

Work Package 6 : System Level Evaluation, tests and performance

WP6 will carry out performance evaluation and assess possible benefits of the SAN concept . WP6 main objective is to quantify benefits of the developed technology.

Work Package 7 : Dissemination and standardisation

WP7 will promote the SAN vision on wireless security operations to the end users of such systems and coordinate and promote dissemination and exploitation of the scientific results obtained in the different WPs of SAN project.