Its core business is the development and systems integration in the ICT field. Smart Com provides a complete set of services in the life cycle of an integrated end-2-end ICT system, i.e. analyses, consulting, systems design, project management, research and development, delivery of various system components (hardware and software), systems implementation and integration, and maintenance of operational systems. Smart Com’s staff comprises highly skilled experts with mainstream industry certifications proving their profound knowledge and extensive experience. Smart Com develops software solutions for the market and for internal use. Its flagship product is the BeeSmart middleware platform ( for the delivery of multimedia interactive services, which has been successfully spin-off in a separate start-up company in 2010. The latter demonstrates Smart Com’s capacity for both, developing novel, innovative and complex software solutions and successfully introducing them to a competitive market in a short time frame. Furthermore, members of the Smart com R&D group have a long track record of successful participation in large scale European collaborative projects form the FP4, FP5, FP6, and COST programmes, hence Smart Com is well equipped, in technical and project management terms, to successfully contribute value added towards reaching the goals set forth in the project. Smart Com has strong links with various types of end user organizations in Slovenia, e.g. governmental organisations, municipalities, health institutions, civil protection, electric utilities, police, ministry of defence, etc., thanks to a long track record of successful consultancy, design, development, and implementation projects.