It is an R&D based SME specializing in design, development, and system integration of Secure Communication and Network Systems, RF Systems and Stealth (RCS) analysis, and Command-Control (C2) and Simulation Systems. It is located in the Technology Free Zone of TUBITAK, Gebze. As CTECH, we are developing both hardware(embedded) and software systems (mobile applications, distributed applications, simulation framework and simulations, city surveillance command control applications). CTECH vision is to be a national and regional leading solution focused in development and integration of command-control (C2), communication and information technologies. CTECH has the security clearance required in defense industry standards. Also, CTECH has relevant experience, having developed and installed a city surveillance system for Turkish security forces. CTECH has background on wired and wireless communication infrastructures, COMSEC and TRANSEC equipments, network fault management, performance, configuration and calculation management, Planning of communication infrastructure, IP based network management and security systems and Network-Centric structures. CTECH would like to contribute on command and control systems works on project which is CTECH expertise area.