TTI is a SME that was founded in 1996 that comprises an expanding team of more than 100 highly qualified engineers well supported by key lab and fabrication assets. TTI works in the technological forefronts of space, military, telecommunications, science, and information technology sectors. Its main expertise is in communications, in areas like Microwave and RF technologies, active Antennas and Satellite Systems Engineering. TTI provides expertise in System Design, Prototyping, Integration and Testing of advanced RF and microwave components, providing added features like high miniaturization electronics, low power consumption, etc. Main RF areas of activity are: Indoors and outdoors mobile communications systems, large RF integrated systems, transceiver subsystems in RF and microwave bands, Microwave Hybrid Integrated Customized Circuits, etc, and has background in Radio Software Multi-band RF front-ends (UMTS, Wifi, Wimax, LTE, LTE-A and Galileo applications)

Mariano Lopez is a senior RF engineer, graduated in telecommunications engineering in 1997 by the University of Cantabria (Spain), and working for TTI since 2000. He has been the manager of several R&D and commercial projects in the RF domain, devoted to develop customized equipment based on customer requirements at different frequency bands (RF Transceivers, LNAs, HPAs, filters, etc). He is currently leading TTI contribution in BeFEMTO project (ICT-FP7), and WP leader of the WP related to Radio Access for Stand-alone Femtocells.